Killie Links

The Minnesota Killie Keepers Association is a proud affiliate of the American Killifish Association. To find out more about membership in the AKA as well as much more information on killifish visit the AKA website.

Our neighbors to the east have a local club that is quite wacky. In fact they a great group of Killie enthusiasts. How much fun can one weekend with 60 members, 500 fish and 930 bottles of beer possibly be. Check out the Wisconsin Area Killifish Organization.

The internet is a wonderful easy way to gain much useful information about killifish. Here are some sites that you may find interesting.

Tim Addis keeps a very informative site on the Killifish of Western Africa with information on many species, their classification and breeding.

If you have an interest in the genus Nothobranchius you will find the Nothobranchius Information Centre site very helpful.

If you know of other sites that we can link to please email the webmaster.